Why join a bank where what you say never gets heard?

You could join Duke Credit Union where we ask your opinion and use it to make us a better financial institution.

How are banks and credit unions different?

Banks work for their shareholders, but Credit Unions work for their members. That's how we can give better rates on loans, higher yields on savings and lower fees on transactions. Duke Credit Union is a non-profit institution that is owned and operated by and for its members. Each year, at the Annual Membership Meeting, the membership elects individuals from its own ranks who have agreed to serve as members of the Board of Directors. These fellow members of Duke Credit Union exercise general control of the Credit Union's activities for the benefit of the entire membership.

Since Duke Credit Union is owned and operated by and for its members, it is constantly listening to members' input to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. At Duke Credit Union, we set you on the right path to planning your future today, so you can begin realizing your dreams for tomorrow.

Who is Eligible?

  • Alumni of Duke University
  • Employees of Duke University
  • Employees of Duke University Health System
  • Retirees of Duke University and Duke University Health System
  • Immediate Family Members and Household of Any of the Above