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computer loan


Personal Loans

A personal loan is a loan that is not secured by a car, house, boat, deposits or some other type of collateral . With a personal loan you may borrow (with credit approval) for whatever you may need; a computer, a vacation, major purchases, debt consolidation or anything else. Our personal loans typically have a higher interest rate than our lines of credit or secured loans such as second mortgages. So if you own a home, or if you are looking to apply for more than $15,000 you may be better off applying for a second mortgage or home equity loan.

RV/Boat/Camper Loans

Planning a cross-country vacation? Or are you just looking to find some tranquility out on the lake? We offer many types of recreational loans for new and used boats, motors, trailers, and motor homes. Rates and terms of loan depend on type of collateral. DUFCU also offers boat loans for house boats, ask a representative for details.

Share/Certificate/Money Market Loans

If you have a DUFCU Certificate of Deposit, Money Market, or Share Savings Account but need some extra cash, you can borrow against the account or your accumulated savings. This is a good way to get cash without paying the penalty of withdrawing the funds in your certificate before maturity. Plus, our pledge loans offer one of our lowest interest rates.

Line of Credit

Our Line of Credit provides the extra cash you need, when you need it-with credit approval. The purpose of the unsecured line of credit is to allow you to obtain a pre-approved amount of credit (credit advance) that you can have access to when you need it through i-Access, Audio Express or by phone. Unsecured lines of credit allow you to borrow on favorable terms (typically at a lower interest rate than our personal loans) with minimum of paperwork. It also provides a nice protection when tied to your Checking account as an overdraft line.