No Shirt. No Shoes. Full Service.

Bills, balance questions, and loan requests don't always come up between the hours of 9-5. That is why DUFCU maintains a powerful suite of Online Services to help you wrestle your accounts from the comfort of your home; day or night, weekend or weekday.

What is Online Services?

Nothing is worse than getting home from a long day's work only to realize that your bills are due tomorrow and you need to transfer funds to your checking account first to cover the amount. Well there's no need to worry anymore! i-Services, or Internet Services, involves the use of secure and private sites which allow members to carryout a number of banking functions over the Internet. Transactions can be made from the comfort of your personal computer without the hassle of having to come into the Credit Union.

Online Services consist of i-Access, i-Bill Pay, i-Statements, i-VISA, i-Loan, and Wire Transfer Information.