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Wire Procedures:

To send a wire transfer TO Duke Credit Union:

It must first go through our corporate entity, Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union, using the ABA routing number 231387550, with further credit to Duke University Federal Credit Union ABA # 253175449 with final credit to the receiving name and account number.

*Please direct all Inquiries to Duke FCU (919) 684-6704*

To send a wire transfer FROM Duke Credit Union:

The member must obtain wiring instruction from the receiving financial institution.


Electronic Debit From a Checking Account

  • Electronic drafts / debits must be established with the payee.
  • Drafts may debit a checking account only.
  • Checking account numbers must be 12-13 digits.

Electronic Credit to a Checking or a Share Savings

  • Checking account numbers must be 12-13 digits.
  • Share Savings account numbers must be 5-9 digits.

Members should contact their receiving financial institutions to obtain the proper wire instructions to ensure the wire is sent properly, in a timely manner and to avoid additional fees.

Members must request a wire in person. Recurring wires may be requested after the first initial wire. Wire requests should be made by 2:00 PM each business day to ensure delivery. For additional information about Wire Transfer, please call 919.684.6704.


Outgoing Wire Transfers

  • Within the United States - $15.00
  • Outside the United States - $40.00
  • Western union – Fee Varies


  • All Incoming - $12.00