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Fee Schedule Effective Effective Feb 7, 2011
Checking Accounts
Regular Checking Account

$5.00 per month(1)

Prime Checking Account $1.00 per month  (paper statement)
Check Orders Price Varies
Savings Accounts
Share Savings

$3.00 per month (no fee if you maintain $100 in your share savings account)

Inactive Share Savings with monthly balance below $100

Additional $5.00(2)

Check Cashing (unless drawn on us) $3.00 per check
Value Savings (Share Savings with Direct Deposit) No Monthly Maintenance Fee

Rainy Day Share

*Unauthorized withdrawals on Rainy Day Share accounts
are subject to loss of dividends up to 90 days.

$25 Withdrawal Fee*
Money Market Accounts No Fee
Holiday Club Account No Fee
Early withdrawal from club account $5.00
General Services
One time membership fee $5.00
Stop payment fee- Call to Credit Union to process $20.00
Stop payment using Audio Express or Internet Account Access $15.00
Insufficient funds Check, ATM, pre-authorized ACH drafts $32.00
Returned cash item (Non-DUFCU check deposited by member and returned by another financial institution) $32.00
Duplicate copy of check $5.00
Copy of current monthly account history $5.00
Statement copy from previous month or quarter $5.00
Transfer funds between accounts- Through Audio Express or Internet Account Access No Fee
Call to employees to process transfer $5.00
Counter check $1.00
Foreign check deposit $5.00
Account closing within (90) days of opening $25.00
Verification of deposits $10.00
Dormant accounts "finders fee" per year $5.00
Levy or garnishment

$25.00 (3)

Undeliverable address $1.00/return
Representative Assisted Activities
Excessive withdrawal fee


Statement balancing or research $25.00/hour
Cashiers checks $5.00
Stop payment on cashiers checks $20.00
Visa Gift Cards - not reloadable $3.95
Visa Travel Money Cards - reloadable $3.95
Wire transfer fee- Outgoing- Within the United States $15.00
Outside the United States $40.00
Through Western Union Varies
Wire transfer fee- Incoming $12.00
Notary fee No Fee
ATM & COMBO card fees
Duke Credit Union Funds Express ATM transactions No Fee
CashPoints ATM Network No Fee
Non-Funds Express ATM transactions (Bank ATMs) No Fee from DUFCU (Bank fees apply)
Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions
Credit option (signature-based) No Fee
Debit option (PIN-based) No Fee
Replacement Card $10.00
Unblock Card (no charge for first instance) $20.00
Online Services- Schedule A
i-Access No Monthly Maintenance Fee
i-Bill Pay - with Prime Checking No Monthly Maintenance Fee
i-Bill Pay - with Regular Checking $5.00/month
i-Bill Pay - Inactivity Fee (No bills are paid for more than 90 days) $5.00/month
i-Bill Pay - Check Copies $10/item
i-Bill Pay - Stop Payment $20/item
i-Bill Pay -Account Research $20/hour
i-Bill Pay -Insufficient Funds Fee $32/occurrence

1Fee will be assessed if your monthly average balance falls below $2,500 in loans or deposits or if Direct Deposit with DUFCU is cancelled for any reason.

2Inactivity=no deposit or withdrawal made in the last 12 months, balance less than $100.

3Fee collected if we are required to hold or deliver funds in compliance with a levy or garnishment.

4Compensating Loans/Savings balances above $2500 receive unlimited teller withdrawals.  Balances below $2500 receive three (3) free teller withdrawals per month or maintain an average monthly savings balance of $100.