Congratulations Celeste!  

Why Are You A Fan of Duke Credit Union?

"Wow, where to start. I returned to North Carolina in 2006 to "start over" after 25 years of living in the Northeast. I returned looking for employment, limited money at my disposal, and a plan for my next chapter. I was fortunate to get a job with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. I immediately became a Duke Credit Union member and thanks to that membership have achieved so much with the Credit Union supporting my financial needs all the way. Duke Credit Union not only helped me build my credit, it helped me rebuild my life. It helped me to achieve home ownership, refinance a new car, and helped me finance my two daughter's weddings. I can't imagine saving and banking with any other financial institution - I AM A FAN and will always be a FAN! GO DUKE!"

Pictured:  Celeste and her grandson Bodie, Duke Vs UNC Men's Game, February 4, 2023
Photo Credit:  Celeste W.