• 05/01/19 -  Don’t fall for financial aid offers claiming to be from the State Treasurer. Read Alert
  • 02/26/19 - NC ABC Commission Warns Of Counterfeit Check Scams. Read Alert
  • 06/06/18 - Scammer Tries a New Payment Method. Read Alert
  • 04/09/18 - Blue Cross, State Health Plan warn of phony calls. Read Alert
  • 01/30/18 - Don’t let tax ID thieves make tax season harder than it has to be. Read Alert

  • 12/20/17 - When you give, don’t let them take. Read Alert
  • 11/30/17 - The scammer’s toolbox: wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, and gift cards. Read Alert
    09/18/17 - Beware flood cars following Harvey, Irma. Read Alert
  • 09/08/17 - Equifax Data Breach. Read Alert
  • 07/17/17 - Working with a realtor? Watch out for this scam. Read Alert
  • 05/09/17 - About those Mother’s Day coupons in your news feed. Read Alert
  • 04/12/17 - Learn how to tell a fake IRS Agent from a real one. Read Alert
  • 02/15/17 - New twist on IRS scam. Read Alert
  • 01/31/17 - Don’t say “Yes” - Just hang up. Read Alert


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