There are two ways to receive an Alert:

  1. Notification when you log into i-Access.
  2. An email to the email address on file for your account. Note: You can only have Alerts sent to one email address.
To set up Alerts, log into your i-Access account, go to the Options tab, then sub-menu of Alerts. Below are the six (6) categories of Alerts that you may choose to set up. 

1. Events Alerts
  • Maturing CD
  • Maturing Loan
  • Expiring Transfer
  • Expired Transfer
  • Failed Transfer
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Incoming ACH Deposit
  • Incoming ACH Withdrawal
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Mailing Address Change
2. Balance Alerts
  • Receive an Alert based on the balance of a particular share. You may choose which share type, the above/below amount, and how you wish to be notified.
3. Transaction Alerts
  • Receive an Alert when a debit over the dollar amount indicated posts to the selected account, any account, or any debit/ATM card.
4. Item Alerts
  • Receive an Alert when a specific check item clears.
5. Security Alerts
  • Invalid i-Access Login
  • Successful i-Access Login
  • i-Access User Name Change
  • i-Access Password Change
6. Personal Alerts
  • This is a member defined Alert that will notify the member of a specific message, on a specific date.