Congratulations Students! 
Duke Credit Union is excited to announce that Camille Clark, Lucy Kraus and Aaron Siegle have been selected to receive a $3,000 Duke Credit Union Scholarship.  
A special thank you to all of the students who applied for a scholarship during the 2023 application period.  Duke Credit Union received many outstanding applications.  We wish each student the very best as they pursue their undergraduate education.   
Camille Clark
Major:  Education and Biology
UNC, Chapel Hill

"I will answer the honorable call of pursing teaching as a career. I desire to give back to my community what has been afforded to me. I have had diverse mentors in public schools and 4H. They have fostered the development of critical stem skills such as problem-solving, creativity, decision-making, and leadership".

"In addition to my studies, I accepted an unpaid position as Member Engagement Officer. I traveled from the mountains, piedmont and the coast of North Carolina promoting 4H as a STEM alternative that young people should pursue, especially minorities. "

Lucy Kraus  
Major:  Environmental Science 
Minor:  Statistics/Analytics
UNC, Chapel Hill

"I am currently majoring in environmental science and minoring in statistics and analytics, with hopes of working in natural resource management and wildland fire prevention. After my freshman year at UNC, I took a gap year and volunteered with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. I completed over 1200 hours of volunteer work on the West Coast, the vast majority of which was related to wildland fire prevention. By meeting people who had their entire lives upturned by fire, I gained a greater appreciation for the importance of the natural processes I learned about in my environmental science classes. Upon returning to school, I am driven to earn my degree so that I can be part of the conversation about how to protect both people and the environment." 

Aaron Siegle
Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Rachel Carson Scholar
Duke University

"As part of the DukeEngage Gateway program, I was one of two dozen Duke first-year students that were part of an 8-week summer initiative involving community service and how we can make our service more transformational. I was also chosen as the Director of Social Justice at the Duke Catholic Center. In this role, I’ve organized student outreach and service projects to the broader Durham community including feeding the homeless, community clean up days, and environmental enhancement projects."
"While protecting the environment and strengthening the economy are often treated as competing interests, I am planning to pursue a career where I can help reinforce both. Specifically, I would like to develop and implement strategies for conserving our dwindling green spaces and combatting the rapid loss of biodiversity while contributing to more livable and economically vibrant communities."

Duke Credit Union Scholarship Program 

Our next application period opens April, 2024.
Scholarship applicants that meet the below criteria are eligible to apply:
  • Duke Credit Union member or the child of a Duke Credit Union member*
  • Planning to enroll or currently enrolled in college, Fall 2024
  • Good academic standing
  • Community, high school and/or college involvement (demonstrating leadership, excellence, and integrity)
*Current and Former Duke Credit Union Staff, Board Members, and their families are not eligible for this award.  This is a one-time award, previous scholarship recipients are not eligible to re-apply.
Duke is committed to encouraging and sustaining a learning and work community that is free from prohibited
discrimination and harassment. The institution prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender,
gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or
veteran status in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial aid, employment, or any
other institution program or activity.