Login / Logout

  • Login in to online banking www.dukefcu.org
  • Click your name from the menu
  • Click the Security tab
  • Select ‘Edit’ next to your username and/or password

The very first time you log in to the new system, it can take several minutes to load your accounts. We suggest logging out and giving it 10-15 minutes before trying again.

  • Click on the three lines on the top left above your name
  • On the Menu, Click on your name at the bottom of the list and select ‘sign out’.

The system will not keep you logged in indefinitely—it times out after a few moments of non-use so if you forget to sign out, the app will do it for you.  You are also signed out by navigating away from the App.

Click on either your name and icon on the bottom left of the screen, Select ‘Sign Out’ (from the pop-up) or Click on your initials/icon on the top right of your screen, Select ‘Sign Out’ (from the drop-down). 

You may need to update your mobile app If you are having trouble making internal transfers, AUTO APP UPDATE may be turned off on your device.  You will need to go to your App store to update the DUFCU mobile app.

To check the version on the Apple mobile app: Go into the Duke FCU mobile app. Click your name at the bottom of the main dashboard and go to settings.  Then, click version info.  The current version should be 3.11.1 (1266).  If the version is older, go to the app store and update the app.

To update the app in the App store: Go to the App store and search for Duke FCU mobile. Perform an update. It make take multiple updates if you have automatic app updates turned off on your iPhone. 

Renaming Accounts, Sub-Accounts, Routing Number

Once logged in to your online banking account via www.dukefcu.org

  1. Select Accounts (left side of the screen)
  2. Click on the account(s) you wish to rename
  3. Select Settings (top right)
  4. Click on Rename (top right)


You can find your account number in the details section of your checking account or credit card account.  Open the account in online banking and scroll all the way down to the details section.  Alternatively, your account number (member number) is on your monthly statements.

  1. Login to Online Banking www.dukefcu.org
  2. Click on ‘Statements’ from the left-side menu (Click three lines above icon/initials)
  3. Click on ‘Monthly Statements’. Select any monthly statement to open.
  4. Your account number will be the 5-7 digit number on the top right corner of your statement

For Mobile App – Click on ‘Statements’ from the menu (three lines at the top left) Click ‘Monthly Statements‘ pick a statement to Open and look for the 5-7 digit number on the top right corner of the statement. 

To add a Sub Account, login to online banking www.dukefcu.org
  1. Once signed in, Click on your name (bottom left of screen) or Click ‘Accounts’
  2. From the Pop Up Screen Select ‘Add an Account’or ‘open a sub account’ from the Accounts page.
  3. For Mobile App – Click on the three dots below the icon or initials at the top right of home screen, on the pop-up screen click ‘Add an Account
  4. Currently you are only able to open sub-share accounts online.


Online Banking

  • Login to Online Banking
  • At the home screen go directly to any one of your accounts listed.

There will be a box on the lower right hand side of your screen called ‘Details’, look in the section title ‘Account Numbers’ to see your account number and routing number.

On the App

  • Login to the App
  • At the home screen either click on the three lines above your name or any account
  • If you Click ‘Accounts’ from the menu, go directly to any one of your accounts listed.

Scroll down to the bottom of that account, in the details section you will find your account number and the DCU routing number along with other details pertaining to your account.

Online Banking Page View - Editing

  • Login to online banking dukefcu.org
  • Click the three dots on the upper right side below your initials/icon.
  • Click on ‘Organize accounts; ‘View’, and/or ‘Organize dashboard’ to make changes.