We have received information from several members regarding an uptick in Fraudulent Texts and Caller ID Spoofing. Spoofed calls are when a call appears to be coming from one phone number but is, in reality, coming from a scammer with a different phone number. Your caller ID may say that the call or text is coming from Duke University Federal Credit Union when it is not.
Use caution if you are pressured to share personal information immediatelyYou may not be able to tell right away if an incoming call or text is spoofed or not. Be extremely careful about responding to any calls or texts that request personal identifying information. It is best to call the number on your account statement to verify the authenticity of the request.
NEVER give out any of the following details in response to unexpected or suspicious calls or texts.
  • Account Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Mother's Maiden Names
  • Passwords
  • Other Identifying Information
Duke Credit Union will not contact you for personal information over the phone or via text. If a payment is due you will receive a written statement in the mail before being contacted. 

Thank you for partnering with us in monitoring your accounts.
To report fraud on a Duke Credit Union account, contact (919) 684-6704